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Thank you for booking a trip with Wheels Up Heels Up Travel LLC! We are super excited to host your vacation! You will receive a receipt of payment, if you haven't already, of your initial deposit. This has your booking number attached which also serves as your confirmation. Please use that number for all future correspondences.



Facebook Updates: One of the important tasks for all travelers is to stay close to our FB groups and business pages for important updates about your trip and also your email. Please make sure we have a valid email address for you on file. If you booked a trip with a guest, please supply us their email as well should you want them to be kept in the loop of the trip.


Facebook Subgroup: A subgroup will be created within 60-90 days before the trip so that details can be discussed and updates posted. However, depending on how far out your trip is, there may not be many updates for those that are further away . Please do not be discouraged by the silence if there is any, if you’re booked, you are secured and the trip is being worked behind the scenes.


Trip Itinerary: itineraries will be completed no sooner than 2 months before the departure date but you are welcome to follow our group plan &/or create your own experiences/itinerary. I do aim to get them out sooner but you'll have at least a 1-2 month notice. Most trips will be posted and rolled out with a sample or first draft of the itinerary so all travelers can have an idea of the plan and the flow of the trip. The final itinerary will provide specific trip details such as links to book any additional activities, pick up times, etc. 


Please do not hold off on booking a flight you see or ready to get, wait to shop or do anything personal you need while waiting on the itinerary: they will typically consist of a group welcome dinner, some sort of lunch or brunch, a tour, 1-2 excursions, a casual night out or VIP experience, a boat or yacht party and something cultural for the most part. You can anticipate to spend an extra $300+/- on additional activities, tours and excursions.


Invoices: You will receive your invoice from the agency with your balance minus what you already paid for the deposit. Our company does invoicing between the 1st-5th of every month and usually in order of when the trips are released. If you did not get a new invoice right after booking and the trip is far out, you may be on the next batch we send out when invoicing again, but at any time one can be requested via email. Invoices are updated when payments come in. If you made a payment, please allow 24-48 business hours for it to reflect and refresh your original invoice to see the update. 


IF there is an error in payments, balances or anything of that nature, please email We will investigate the discrepancy and update. 


Lastly, always check spam folder if you do not see any invoice as invoices are only sent once, not each time it is updated.


Flights: Please submit flight info no less than 30 days before trip via email so transportation can be set up for you (whether included in your package or an add-on fee). There are some notes that have flight submission deadline so be sure to read your trip listing in its entirety. 

You can use this link to submit your flight informationt.


Occupancy and Roommates: To take advantage of the double occupancy pricing, you will need a roomie, single occupancy means you are not sharing a room. 

*Single occupancy = One person occupying a room

*Double occupancy = Two people occupying a room


Double occupancy 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭 always equal, mean or guarantee two beds, it could be one bed but two people in a room.


These terms are universal in travel accommodation and are not exclusive to WUHU.

However, the "Room Category" or a section that describes the bed type for reference is present on all of our posts, booking links, listings, and website. Our website is the best place to review the trip details.


We offer roommate pairing from within the group, but please note some trips does carry a roommate pairing date meaning after that date you must book with someone. We also have a roomie form you can submit your roommate's info to us once you are booked. If you forget you can also put their name in the notes or email your guest name to us.


Client Intake Form: If there is anything we should know, such as whether you are traveling to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, whether you require special accommodations, or whether you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. 


Please be aware that all other pertinent information is attached and that this form is optional.


Reminders & Policies

•All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless you have the proper travel protection added within 7 days of booking through our travel agency. Depending on protection you purchase, you can receive a credit or refund (click on appropriate link to purchase or read more) minus the non-refundable deposit and cost of travel protection.


-All requests to utilize WUHU Travel Protection must be submitted within 30 days of arrival or will be deemed voided.


•If a trip is canceled by the agency, all funds paid will be returned within 90 day in the original form of payment but if you cancel and no protection is attached, you forfeit all your funds paid.


•If a destination is closed due to a no-entry scenario from that country, meaning there is no way we can travel, the resort will refund the agency and you will receive your money back within 90 days once it is received by the agency.


•Please check flights routes and costs for your trip and book appropriately, if you need assistance or need an airport code, we are here to help!


-Hotel check-ins are normally at 3pm or 4pm with an early checkin option, but this is at the resorts or owners discretion and is not guaranteed.


-If you arrive before or extend after the trip dates, you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from airport unless explicitly stated in the booking listing.


-CHECK VACCINATION & COVID ENTRY REQUIREMENTS. We will keep you in the loop if things change but we encourage you to check on your own as well. It is also the right of the traveler to ensure they have any and all proper travel documents.


-You can protect your trip should you need to cancel but adding one of the travel protection options (full refund or travel credit) through the agency within 7 days of booking and/or third party insurance, I recommend Seven Corners and Allianz. But please note, travel protection is differs from travel insurance. TP protects your investment within WUHU only, TI is offered through a third party company in the form of a claim.


-If you are booked for an hotel or resort, spots cannot be sold and no name changes allowed.

-If you are booked for an airbnb or private property such as a house or cabin you can sell your spot unless explicitly stated otherwise and within 30 days before trip, no changes allowed after.


 Payment Info, Reminders & Schedules:

•All payments are due in full 30-45 days before the trip, all due dates are posted on each trip.


•You can make payments on your trip in these ways:

-The Pay On My Trip option on our website 

-Zelle (to pay a remaining balance in full or any one amount over $50) with email

-Directly from invoice 

-Sezzle (at check out on the Pay On My Trip Option above)

-Make A Payment (After Pay, buy now pay later available)

*Note: an online processing fee applies


*Please include your name, destination and order number in each payment note.


-A 3% fee or tax will be added on all options above except Zelle.


-We do not have access to your Sezzle payment schedule, it’s offered as a courtesy but we can’t see anything on your behalf nor can we cancel any payments already set up with them.


 Who To Contact? 

-If you have a question please email the Customer Support Team at or ask your question(s) in our group or reach out to one of our group admins.


-If you have an issue outside of general trip questions or invoice concerns, please email our Client Relations/HR Manager at


I know this was a lot of information but because it is in your email you will always have access to it and you will receive it every time you book a trip! So please make sure you review it in your own time and if you do not understand anything... Think of it as your personal WUHU Handbook and FAQs.


We are more than happy to answer any of your questions! :)


Thank you,


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